Visual automatic test equipment

Visual automatic test equipment

Model No.︰FK-CCD

Brand Name︰FENG KUEN

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Visual automatic detection equipment:

Visual automatic detection equipment for the carrier with the appearance, size, automatic detection and receipt of the use.

Use of electricity: 220V, 3A

The use of air pressure: 0.6Mpa ~ 0.8Mpa

Control Panel: Man-Machine Interface [Touch Screen]

Control System: PLC [Taiwan]

Dimensions: 135L x 55W x 50H

Weight: 110kg

Visual brand: the use of Japan KEYENCE

1000 m rewinding speed of 25 points to complete

Detection speed: 10 to 20 m / min, 1000 m 50 to 90 minutes to complete.

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