Taiwan Feng Kuen Polytron Technologies Inc specializing in SMD electronic packaging carrier tape equipment. The company has strong technical force, the use of a full set of automation equipment professional production products, product marketing at home and abroad. The company adhere to market-oriented, based on technological progress, with the development of PC, PS, ABS, A-PET leather base, according to the positive development of all kinds of IC, passive components of customer needs, precision metal stamping components, SMD components, connectors and other special tape, belt, leather and roulette.

To do good work, we must first of its profits, the company uphold the principle of excellence, sincere and responsible, self loading equipment and research and development of electronic packaging, China mainland, Taiwan, Japan, patent, but believe in the superiority of quality assurance, customers can trust


8mm ~ 12mm Frming Machine


8mm ~ 24mm Frming Machine


8~24mm Full visual inspection equipment